Quest’s Quests 11/2

    1.    Creep

    2.    Crawl

    3.    Watch the leaves fall

    4.    Build a spindly web

    5.    Lay in wait

    6.    Watch your bait

    7.    Glisten in the morning dew

    8.    Catch a fly

    9.    Watch it die

    10.    Suck out every drop of blood

    11.    Have sex

    12.    Lay some eggs

    13.    Bite off your mate’s head

    14.    Rumble your abdomen 

    15.    Hunger for power

    16.    Wonder

    17.    Have fun with patterns

    18.    Dance on a grave

    19.    Dance with a lady in grey

    20.    Name yourself

    21.    Play enough

    22.    Spin until you are dizzy

    23.    Hatch

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Mud is a seasoned Quest writer, an Environmental Studies student in their third year. Mud has kept up a weekly strange entertainment column for over thirty issues and has covered pressing sustainability and land-use stories for the past two years.

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