DOG OF THE WEEK is getting fancy!

Photo by Liz Organ

The Honorable Lord Bearon

Name: Bearon

Breed: Boxer? Maybe?

Age: 4 years

Rating: 14/10

Like many Reedies, Bearon is originally from California! He came up to the Oregon Humane Society in the fall of 2019 where he was adopted by our Visiting Costume Designer, Jessica Kroeze. He is very smart and knows how to sit, go down, paw, and dance! His favorite is probably paw, although he likes anything that gets him more treats! He also LOVES to dig. Sometimes if he finds a stick he really likes he will dig a hole, place the stick in the hole, and then push the dirt back in with his nose! I don’t know if he ever finds the sticks again, though. Maybe he’s just trying to plant trees? 

When you first meet him, he is super friendly and loves to sniff and lick you! The only thing you have to be careful of is sometimes he jumps, but that’s only because he wants to lick your face! Bearon’s best friend other than his people is his cat! They sometimes play together, and even though the cat can scratch a little, this doesn’t stop Bearon! When he’s playing with people, Bearon loves to play tug, and when he’s playing by himself, he loves to rip up his toys. If he thinks you’re not giving him enough attention he will boop you with his nose!

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