Opinion: Pool Hall Menace

Reed’s Pool Hall, home to events such as the Thursday tournaments, pool ball, pool formal, strip pool, Them’s and Fems Tuesdays, and many other themed pool-related events, has been returned to its former glory after a short hiatus due to multiple pool cues being repaired. Why did the pool cues require repair, one might ask? May we let a historical Quest article dating back to 1944, speak for itself: 

“Let’s Not Forget; Reed College campus life has developed a longstanding tradition of adult conduct that enables Reed society to function on a democratic plane. Unfortunately, some students forget their responsibilities and need to be reminded of their obligations as members of the community.” 

“The recent abuses of the Student Union Building has reached such proportions as to alarm those responsible for its upkeep. Certainly rough-housing, destruction of furniture, and vandalism in the pool room have no place in the Student Union.” 

While this article covered abuses of the Student Union as opposed to the Pool Hall, it is apparent that issues relating to student etiquette within Reed community spaces have been around for decades, and is something that we as a community need to do better – these spaces are ones of respect and care. This is not to say that all are not welcome in the Pool Hall, on the contrary, all levels of experience are actively encouraged to join the fun! 

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