Finally Celebrating Senior Year at Gothic Fairy Prom

This past Saturday, Reed College students of all ages were given the chance to embrace their inner awkward teen selves. Hosted by the Office of Student Engagement, Reed’s very own prom was held in the student union. While prom is not normally a college event, much of the current Reed student body never received a high school prom because of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, the announcement of a prom welcomed much excitement and anticipation from Reed students, some of whom even prepared and filmed ‘prom-posals’ for one another. The theme of the evening was a “Gothic Fairy Prom” which enveloped the student union and was strongly embraced by the students attending. With mushroom lanterns and fairy lights overhead, students danced the night away in fairy wings, elf ears, and glittery makeup to a setlist of house music and iconic 2000s dance tunes. 

Trellises of vines and a fog machine greeted students as they entered the dancefloor. Inside, the student union looked like it was decked out for prom straight out of an 80s movie. Tables with lit-up centerpieces stood at one the edge of the room, and a platform with DJ turntables stood at the other. Lights and ribbons adorned the ceiling, and spooky decorations littered the fireplace mantel. There was even an assortment of desserts, including chocolate-covered strawberries, cupcakes, and cookies. 

As most Reed College balls go, the prom got off to somewhat of a slow start. People filtered in and out of the student union, nodding their heads to the music and smoking outside. Some also waited to take pictures in the live photo booth. As prom went on though, more and more students started to show up, and soon the Student Union overflowed with people. Outside, people danced and chatted with friends by the Paradox and in the quad, and inside people jumped in unison to music played by the DJs Alles and tboneporkchop. As the clock struck midnight, the moment everyone had been waiting for arrived: the fairy prom court announcements. During the previous two weeks, students voted in a poll deciding the winners. Instead of classic prom court royalty, students ran to be elected in fairy-specific categories. The music stopped and the winners were announced: MJ Quintana-Rodriguez for Titania, Madi Coleman for Morgan Le Fay, Gavin Leonard for Oberon, Ada Sanchez for Ghillie Dhu, Mikey Graves for Naggeneen, and Anna Hendrickson for Puck. One by one, winners went up to the stage, welcomed by clapping and cheering from other students, and received a crown symbolizing their new status as fairy prom royalty.

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