DOG OF THE WEEK Is Here To Calm You Down

Name: Bosco

Breed: Wirehaired Vizsla Wannabe

Age: 6 years

Rating: 14/10

Bosco is a sweet rescue originally from Maui! He traveled, I assume by plane, to Portland where he was adopted by his owner, Anne. Originally, she decided to foster him, but he was too cute not to keep! This is what’s known as a “foster fail.” Anne continues to “fail” at fostering, adopting a large bunny and 3 small kittens. Although Bosco did meet the kittens once, he was a little bit too excited for them so they’re going to have to wait to be friends until they’re a little bigger. Anne also has an older cat that Bosco is friends with. They will both get into bed together, but always end up fighting over who gets to sleep where. As a result of this, Anne usually has to separate them and calm them down before they can go to sleep. 

Anne works in the HCC, so if a patient is feeling stressed and they like dogs, Bosco comes in to help out! If the patient isn’t feeling super stressed but still likes dogs, Bosco will come to get some pets since he’s a big fan of them, though he is respectful and he always makes sure patients are okay with dogs first. Look out for Bosco around campus, or say hi to him at the HCC!

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