Quest’s Quests 9/30

1. Read a weird poem (This counts!)

2. Understand it fully and completely.

3. Memorize it.

4. Give it high praise to your friends.

5. Celebrate it for years to come.

6. Consider becoming a Quest writer because of it.

7. Let it seep into your being.

8. At least do a couple quests….

9. Even just one…?

10. Fine, just sit there then.

11. Be baffled.

12. Be scared.

13. Be yourself, dude.

14. Be.

15. Bewitch between the bellows of bees.

16. Barb back bronchitus before belching beans.

17. Let that sink in.

18. Let me know if these are getting old.

19. Tell me if anyone reads these anymore.

20. Care?

21. Look for the very first Quest’s Quests (This is the 18th!)

22. See how far we’ve come.

23. Weep.

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