Letter From The Editors: Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Welcome To The Shitshow

Hello, Hi, and Howdy, dear readers!

As a new year of homework and long, cathartic cry sessions in the library basement dawns upon us all, so too does a new semester of chaos and sleep deprivation (and journalism) here at the Quest. 

Whats new?

Photo by Zach Cook

Sabrina “FOIA” Blasik and Anie “coffeeXredbull” Kotha are back at the Quest for another semester, while three new members have joined our group; Content/copy editors Cass “weed makes me focus more” Biles and Madeleine “smoke break?” Voth, as well as layout editor Andrew “actually does work” Lucksinger. 

On top of this big new change, our 10-year-old header is getting revamped! Keep your eyes out for the new and improved Quest header, courtesy of our friends at the calligraphy club. Meetings have changed as well; we now meet on Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. in the Student Publications Office. No longer on Zoom, get ready to see our smiling faces in person every week!!

Hey but don’t worry! Times may change, seasons many come and go, eternities may pass into the distance and slip through our fingers with the sands of time — but we’re still your same old never-sleeping, smoke-break-having, unorganized, chaotic, despairing, and passionate Queditors!  

We may run the Quest, but the real flesh and blood on our metaphorical skeleton is our lovely community of contributors! Without them, there would be no articles for us to publish. Although that would probably improve our sleep schedules, it would be a shame not to have so much interesting, goofy, and legitimately important content to publish every week. If you want to get involved, come to our contributor’s meetings; if you want to submit a Letter to the Editors, just send us a quick email! 

If you see us around campus, probably crying, praying, or sleeping, make sure to avert your eyes, we do not want to be perceived. Actually, just stop reading this article. Move on to the actual issue. You already know too much about us. 

Welcome to the semester of new chaos and old!

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