Horoscope 9/23: Which 7-11 Ready-to-eat Food Are You?

Hello Reedies, we are your clairvoyant astrologers D.P and M.E. We know you more than you know yourself and the fate of your futures are in our hands (yes this is a threat). Read on for a window into your inner self. 

Aquarius – A slice of cheese pizza

Pisces – Big bite Hotdog with no mustard 

Aries – Mini Tacos

Taurus – Egg Salad Sandwich

Gemini – Glazed Cheesy BBQ Meatballs (Limited Time Only!)

Cancer – Chicken strips

Leo – Hot Honey Boneless wings

Virgo – A cheeseburger

Libra – 6” Italian Sub

Scorpio – Nachos but actually Nachos

Sagittarius – Chicken Roll

Capricorn – Taquitos

If you disagree, you are wrong. 


D.P and M.E 

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