Dog of the Week is Very Well Behaved

Name: Percy

From: Oklahoma

Age: 1 and a half? Maybe?

Rating: 14/10

Percy came from Oklahoma originally but traveled all the way to Oregon before being adopted by his owner, sophomore Ayah Sibai. Interestingly, Percy has a very mysterious past, and was found on the streets with his tail docked before being moved to a shelter. This docking implies that he possibly had some sort of home before being found on the streets. Regardless of whomever he knew before he was adopted, he is a very friendly dog who is also very smart! Even though he’s just barely out of puppyhood, he already knows the commands sit, down, stay and shake! When I met him, I shook his paw and gave him a treat for being such a good pup! For the rest of the interview, he kept trying to shake my hand, perhaps an attempt to get more treats, but I like to think he was just trying to be extra professional. 

When he was adopted 10 months ago, his paws were too big for his body! This is very common with puppies and like most dogs, he grew into them. 

He is very friendly and loves people, especially when they give him belly rubs. If you want to give this good pup some pats and belly scratches, you can sometimes find him downstairs in the GCC at the Community Pantry! He’s a huge fan of treats, so make sure to bring some if you visit him!

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