Dog of the Week 9/30: Dog of the Week is Very Excited to See You!

Name: Jefe

From: Missouri

Age: 3 years

Rating: 14/10

Jefe was adopted by Carlos Cortés from all the way in Missouri when he was 8 weeks old! He then lived in California before coming up to Portland! That’s a well traveled pup! 

Jefe knows how to sit, go down and also roll over! However, sometimes he only does half a roll before getting up to get a treat, so you can tell he is super treat motivated! He loves to sniff through your pockets to see if he can find any treats and he will eat all the crumbs he can. He doesn’t bark a whole lot but if he thinks he’s not getting enough attention, he sits in Carlos’s lap and blocks him from working on his computer. 

Jefe also loves to dig and sometimes after digging will get the zoomies! For the non-dog owners, zoomies are when dogs (and sometimes other animals like cats) have random explosions of energy that usually result in them running back and forth frantically. Jefe is still mostly a puppy, so he gets zoomies often. 

If you go to the Grove courtyard sometime when it’s nice out, you might find Jefe running, sniffing or digging! If you see him, make sure you say hi and if you have a treat on you, you’ll be his best friend!

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