Quest’s Quests 9/16

1. Lie

2. Cheat

3. Steal

4. Become morally hazardous

5. Step out of your ethical comfort zone

6. Walk dubiously

7. Eat something suspicious

8. Write a constitution

9. Ratify it

10. Violate it with style

11. Dress scandalously

12. Impress me

13. Fester under immoral impositions

14. Exert the force of peer pressure

15. Reevaluate your values

16. Examine a fork

17. Don’t eat pork

18. Make friends with an evil crow

19. Do math with unlucky numbers

20. Piss off 2 people

21. Piss on 2 people

22. Be gross

23. Make a toast

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Mud is a seasoned Quest writer, an Environmental Studies student in their third year. Mud has kept up a weekly strange entertainment column for over thirty issues and has covered pressing sustainability and land-use stories for the past two years.

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