Dog of the Week is Very Round

Name: Gertie

Breed: 60% poodle, 40% round

Face shape: Circle

Rating: 14/10

For the third week in a row, we have a rescue pup! Gertie was adopted by her owner, Jenny Sakai when she was in grad school (Gertie got to graduate with her!). After this, the two of them lived in many different places, including Gertie’s favorite: a big house with a yard for her to run around in. 

Gertie is a smart dog who picks up on tricks fairly easily! Everyone who meets her wants to teach her a trick. If you see her, I would recommend shaking paws with her since her paws are very soft. In fact, her whole body is very soft and curly, it’s most likely the poodle in her. 

While she likes humans, she’s not a huge fan of other dogs and will try to hide behind Jenny if one comes up. Unfortunately, because of her smallness—she’s only 13 pounds—most dogs are bigger than her. In fact, as she’s about the same size as a large cat, some cats are bigger than her too! 

Since she is a very small dog, she could be carried often if she wanted to, but instead she usually walks around, and often without a leash! 

When Jenny first got her, Gertie didn’t quite know how to ‘be a dog’ yet. Jenny assumes that she was probably a street dog before being adopted, so the first time she chased a squirrel, Jenny was very proud of her. Gertie even surprised Jenny by having puppies underneath her desk right after Jenny adopted her! Jenny went to bed with one dog and woke up with three! Now that’s what I call a deal! Three puppies for the price of one!

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