Dog of the Week Goes AWOO

Photo by Skye Kychenthal I didn’t know she, she’s a woo girl!

Photo by Skye Kychenthal
I didn’t know she, she’s a woo girl!

Name: Jenny

Breed: ½ Husky + ½ Staffordshire Bull Terrier = 1 Whole Good Pup

Age: 9-ish

Rating: 14/10

Jenny was rescued in 2016 from a rescuer who insisted that she was a Border Collie. Upon arriving, her current owner Ray Rogers realized that while she absolutely was not a Border Collie, she was still a super sweet and fun dog. They brought her home where she has continued to cause trouble on purpose ever since. For example, she has figured out where the weak spots in the backyard fence are and tends to escape for little walks around the neighborhood. One time she escaped, Jenny even went to the next neighborhood over and became good friends with a group of kids. When Ray came to pick her up she was happily getting pets from the neighbors. 

Now, while she does love people, she’s not always a huge fan of dogs. Sometimes, when she sees another dog, she starts making noises similar to a mix between a howl and a bark. Some people think she sounds like a horse but I think she sounds like an angry husky. 

It’s not just dogs Jenny is not a huge fan of. She is not on the best of terms with other animals either. She’s been sprayed by a skunk twice, and hates getting outdoor baths, making sure whoever is giving her a bath gets sprayed too. When she’s not getting enough attention, Jenny will get into the garbage and then put garbage specifically on her owner’s blankets, and wait until they notice. 

Overall, a very sweet good girl, would awoo with her next time. 

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