Horoscope: Which Reed Dorm are you?


Hello Reedies, we are your clairvoyant astrologers D.P and M.E. We know you more than you know yourself and the fate of your futures are in our hands (yes, this is a threat). Read below for a window into your inner-self. 

Which Reed dorm housing matches your vibe? 

Aquarius – Mckinely 

Pisces – Trillium 

Aries – Chittick

Taurus – Bragdon 

Gemini – McNaughton

Cancer – Naito

Leo – ODB  

Virgo – Reed Apartments 

Libra – Anna Man 

Scorpio – Griffin 

Sagittarius – Foster 

Capricorn – Language Houses 

If you disagree, you are wrong. 


D.P and M.E

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