Dog of the week

Name: Tennessee Williams     

Breed: Beagle/Dachshund Mix (Bachshound? Bach’s Hound?)

Age: 13 ½ years

Rating: 14/10

After a two year hiatus, Dog of the Week, a weekly column which profiles different dogs around campus, is back!

Our first candidate is Tennessee Williams, who was brought to an Oregon shelter when she was around 3 years old. From there she was adopted by Kate Bredeson, a Reed College theater professor. Bredeson had just finished working on The Glass Menagerie, so decided to name her new accomplice after the show’s playwright Tennessee Williams. Since then, Tennessee has been living a life of luxury. She has many different scarves, sweaters, jackets, muscle shirts, and even her very own embroidered jean jacket. She loves to wear them as she wanders around the PAB faculty suite. When she’s not there, she loves to stop by the library and visit the fun librarians, as well as walk the grounds outside Commons(who have often dropped snacks for her to nibble on!)

Tennessee also loves to travel. She took a road trip earlier this summer, and has visited a total of ten states and two countries! Since she is getting on the older side, you might see Tennessee being pushed around in her hot pink stroller. If you do, ask if you can pet her! She’s not a fan of being woken up from her naps but she does love belly rubs if she’s awake. In 2018, Tennessee won “Most Regal Pet” at the Willamette Week Portland Pet Pageant, which fits her quite well. If you want to see more pictures of her, follow her on Instagram at @tennesseewilliamsthedog, where you can revere her along with her other fans and followers!

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