Quest’s Quests

Eat the following:

1. Breakfast

2. A cough drop

3. Hot cakes

4. Somlething else baked

5. A rake

6. Half a baby

7. My hat

8. Lunch

9. Three leaves

10. Most of a cigarette

11. A copy of <i>The Quest</i>

12. Clean dick

13. A toothpick

14. Acorns (processed correctly)

15. Sauce

16. A fox

17. Dinner

18. A spoonful of coconut oil

19. The inside of your cheek (cannibal!)

20. A cannonball

21. A goth

22. A moth

23. Some snacks, y’all

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Mud is a seasoned Quest writer, an Environmental Studies student in their third year. Mud has kept up a weekly strange entertainment column for over thirty issues and has covered pressing sustainability and land-use stories for the past two years.

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