Senate Beat: Ambient Music Makes for Chill Meeting

Golden sunlight spilled over the dust-covered windows of the Student Union as the various Student Senators filtered in for Friday’s senate public. Something was happening: the members seemed energized and happy, and as they got settled, ambient music from a live musical performance outside of Commons could be heard quietly, matching the joyful and relaxed vibe of the meeting. 

However, piercing through the soft tunes, Student Body President Safi Zenger introduced herself on a microphone that was turned up way too high. Thankfully, the mic speaker was soon moved to accommodate the volume, and the ambient music returned. Zenger then started the meeting, declaring that there was no theme, like most meetings. 

Opening with Committee reports, Zenger claimed she did not have much to announce. She began by mentioning the creation of a survey, where Seniors can vote for choosing Commencement speakers. She also mentioned meeting with the Election Czars, who are gearing up for the next round of elections. Three positions are opening up on the Senate, including the position of Assistant Treasurer, which is currently occupied by Wani Pandey, and a position on the Quest Editorial Board.

Mack Marsaw was the next Senate member to say anything of note, sharing that she met with Community Safety regarding yellow cards. These cards have information on calling CSOs in case of alcohol poisoning or drug overdose, for medical amnesty (protection from penalization for those in danger and those who help them). Marsaw and Community Safety want to make sure students feel comfortable calling CSOs if needed during Renn Fayre and are currently strategizing ways to spread this information. 

The last senators to report were Wani Pandey and Ana Quintana Bernal, the COVID liaisons. They announced the introduction of the COVID Corner, a new section of SB Info that will contain announcements and important information regarding COVID-19 at Reed. Quintana Bernal then shared that Senate believes Reed should keep the mask mandate on campus until the end of the semester to ensure students and faculty stay healthy for the rest of the year leading up to Renn Fayre. However, she intends to send out an open letter inquiring about the position of the student body and faculty regarding the mask mandate.

Lastly, Zenger commemorated the tragic passing of Lucas Heckers and shared her plans to set up a table on Monday with paper flowers and string for students to write messages. Senate will send these messages to his family. Zenger later shared that she originally asked the CLBR for a table to use, which they refused because they already had it booked and they were unwilling to give up the reservation.

After this, the senate public was adjourned slightly over 20 minutes early. The Senators leisurely exited into the warm sun, soundtracked by the ambient music nearby.

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