The Quest’s Quests

1. Wash your hands

2. Seize land

3. Occupy your body

4. Swap homes with somebody

5. Grow older

6. Drink in class

7. Die

8. Cry

9. Lie

10. Fry me a fucking fish

11. Feather your feet

12. Laugh with pain

13. Grow grain

14. Stain your skin blue

15. Check the hue of the sky against a color wheel

16. Let me know what color it was

17. Tell the truth

18. Drink milk straight from the udder

19. Chew your cud

20. Slap mud

21. Do it harder

22. Admit to a fart publically

23. Get smarter

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Mud is a seasoned Quest writer, an Environmental Studies student in their third year. Mud has kept up a weekly strange entertainment column for over thirty issues and has covered pressing sustainability and land-use stories for the past two years.

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