Horoscopes: The Signs as What You Should Actually Major In

Scorpio: October 24-November 21 

Sanskrit to be better than everyone. 

Sagittarius: November 22-December 21 

Fashion Merchandising for the fire fits you’ll don this month. 

Capricorn: December 22-January 19 

Accounting. Something nice and stable, which is what you need right now. 

Aquarius: January 20-February 18 

Animal Health so you can wear shirts that say “men fear me, fish love me.” 

Pisces: February 19-March 20 

Horticulture because you should go outside. 

Aries: March 21-April 19 

Nuclear Engineering Technology for that fiery personality. 

Taurus: April 20-May 20 

Aviation so you can fly away from your problems. 

Gemini: May 21-June 21 

Astronomy to jumpstart your career in children’s museums.  

Cancer: June 22-July 22 

Comparative Literature since you’re indecisive. 

Leo: July 23-August 22 

Maritime Studies so you can balance your fire with some cool water. Take a swim. 

Virgo: August 23-September 22 

Environmental Science and make big bucks selling out to oil companies. 

Libra: September 23-October 23 

Studio Art for your quirkiness. 

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