Lutz Report: The Racoon is Right There in the Tree!

The raccoon is going. It’s in the tree. I spotted it. It was very shadowy and it’s in the tree and is not going anywhere right now—

Wait no it’s going down the tree it’s going down the tree it’s going down the tree it’s going down the tree right there, just went by the tree to—nobody can see it anymore because it’s behind the tree in the bushes.

Now it’s behind the tree, behind the tree. I think that might be—no, it’s probably just bushes, but it might be him because he won’t—he’s not on the tree anymore he’s behind the tree, yes he’s behind the tree that the raccoon is behind, the tree yes.

So yes the raccoon, he went up the tree after I spotted him, and I spotted him because I’m better at spotting things than everyone else, and I spotted him and I was like “Look a raccoon,” and everyone I know— I went “Oh my fucking God that’s a raccoon,” and then everyone else looked. They were like, “Oh my fucking God that’s a raccoon.” And he went up the tree because we shined red light at him. But now he’s behind the tree if you look— someone’s going to go look for him some.


Raccoon? Raccoon? He’s gone. I think he went away. I think he escaped because we let him.

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