Senate Beat: Meet the Senators!

There was no Public Senate meeting due to fall break. One of Senate’s goals, however, is to bring more light to what senators do! Because of this, below is a list of all the committees and liasonships your student representatives hold. If you want more information about any of the committees, feel free to contact one of the senators or treasurers who works on them.

Student Body President Alondra Loza is on the Appointments Committee (AppComm), Student Committee on Diversity (SCOD), Renn Fayre Committee, Student Committee of Academic Policy and Planning, Bylaw Committee, News Bulletin Committee, Climate Assessment Committee, and Appeals Board. She is the Pool Hall Liaison, Publications Liaison, and Office of Institutional Diversity Liaison.

Student Body Vice President Orion Pendragon is on AppComm, Finance Committee, Murals Committee, Sustainability Committee, Student Opportunity Subsidy Committee (SOS), News Bulletin Committee, Climate Assessment Committee, and Renn Fayre Committee. They are the Alumni Liaison, Center of Life Beyond Reed Liaison, Student Union (SU) Liaison, and Liaison for Student and Campus Life.

Head Treasurer Kodinna Anachebe is the chair of the Finance Committee (FinComm). They are also the Liaison for Residence Life (Res Life), Community Safety, International Student Services (ISS); they also occupy a spot on the SOS Committee, Climate Assessment Committee, and SCOD.

Senator MJ Quintana-Rodriguez is on AppComm, Reed Union Committee, SOS Committee, CLBR Committee, Finance Committee, Bylaw Committee, and Climate Assessment Committee. They are a liaison for Sexual Health, Advocacy, and Relationship Education (SHARE) and Health Counseling Center (HCC) Liaison.

Senator Beq Yonka is on AppComm, SCOD, and SCAPP. They are also the Disability and Accessibility (DAR) Liaison. 

Senator Anjali Reddy is the Bylaw Committee Co-Chair. She is the Computer User Services (CUS) Liaison and the Liaison for Student and Campus Life. Anjali occupies a spot on Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Committee, Legislative Committee, CLBR Committee, Finance Committee, and Renn Fayre Committee. 

Senator Margot Becker is the other Bylaw Committee Co-Chair, and is on FinComm, Legislative Committee, AOD Committee, HCC Committee, Title IX Committee, and Occupational Health and Safety Committee. They are the KRRC Liaison and Conference and Events Planning (CEP) Liaison. 

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