The Reed FC Schedule is Here!

It’s a warm summer night. A legion of maroon and white clad students arrive at a soccer pitch ready to play. Everyone thinks the game begins when the referee blows the whistle, but they couldn’t be more wrong. It’s all mental. Reed FC (Reed Football Club) displays their to-hell-and-back team unity through matching kits and semi-coordinated warm-ups. The display would surely strike fear into the hearts of any unprepared side. 

However, our opponents have devised an innovative tactic to defuse any potential pre-match psychological advantage. By not having their players arrive until well after the scheduled start time, they manage to avoid observing any of Reed’s intimidating mental warfare. The other team’s lack of depth on the bench will come back to haunt them come the second half of the match, but for now the ref blows his whistle and the game is underway.

A miraculous top corner save is made by an up and coming goalie. Shchrödinger’s pass — aka the classic shoss. Is it a shot? Is it a pass? Who can really say — is floated into the box. A washed-up old-timer pivots under pressure from a burly defender and hits a Pirlo-esque pass to his buddy who manages to smash it past the keeper for a wündergoal.

This is Reed soccer. 

There are a lot of students who might not know about the electrifying games played by Reed FC in the quest for glory against other small, Pacific Northwest colleges. The women’s and men’s teams are both made up of students who leave it all on the pitch without forgetting to have fun with it too — it is just a game after all, now give me my P.E. credit!

This year sees the men’s team helmed by veteran Larry Beutler, while the women’s team has brought on Shania Siron, who you might know from her day job at CLBR! After the dark days of the pandemic there is a real hunger to play, and turnout has been magnificent. 

Reed competes in the Cascade Collegiate Soccer League’s (CCSL) second division. A few years ago we came second in the league after a brutal championship defeat. Some darker ages followed, but Reed FC is back and ready to throw our weight around again! We’d love to have your support, mentally, physically, spiritually, metaphysically, ontologically, epistemically, etc. etc.! Some of our games are road games, where we travel to play Central Oregon Community College (COCC), for example, but we also have a buffet of home games.

Reed FC has big plans for soccer this year, both on and off the pitch, and it’s going to be a ride and a half. I, for one, can’t wait!

Women’s Schedule

Women’s Schedule

Men’s Schedule

Men’s Schedule

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