Senate Beat: Oct 19, 2020

Fall Feast still on the table and updates on grading

Monday’s public Senate meeting saw some committee updates and ended with birthday wishes for Senator Priya Narain.

Student Body President Alisa Chen started the meeting by giving updates on Fall Feast as part of the Basic Needs Initiative, which is composed of Reed community members committed to providing tangible support around food, housing and economic justice. While still being planned, Fall Feast will either take the form of meals from Commons or disbursements from Reed to fund students’ groceries. Associate Dean of Students for Student & Campus Life Amy Schuckman added that she is talking with Bon Appétit about student work over Thanksgiving break. Chen also announced that in preparation for online Student Body Senate elections, the webmasters have been hard at work creating a student engagement section for the website.

Student Body Vice President Apoorva Mangipudi reported that the Committee on Diversity and the Student Committee on Diversity have been working on a program with the Center for Teaching and Learning where students and faculty can be trained on how to talk about race in HUM 110. They have also considered expanding the program beyond HUM 110, and possibly beyond race, teaching students and faculty broadly about how to discuss and interact with various marginalized communities and identities. 

Mangipudi continued to report that the Student Committee on Academic Planning and Policy (SCAPP) met with the Committee on Academic Planning and Policy (CAPP) to discuss the implementation of a credit/no-credit policy for this fall semester. SCAPP is advocating for the credit/no-credit policy. While Mangipudi didn’t clarify CAPP’s position on grades for fall semester, she did communicate an understanding shared by SCAPP and CAPP that, while it has its own challenges, this fall semester hasn’t been as chaotic as last spring semester. Mangipudi also met with President Audrey Bilger to discuss how students communicate discontent with school administrators. Currently, students go directly to administrators with their grievances, but Bilger wants to create a more standardized process while maintaining a personal connection with students.

Senator Amrita Sawhney reported that a project for the creation of a centralized message board, led by Senator Alondra Loza and herself, will probably be an extension of the SB Info website. Sawhney also announced that there will be a new position for a student on the Calendar Committee to gather and communicate information on campus events, with a stress on student events, as academic lectures are already advertised by Reed. Sawhney has also been working with a team of students on a podcast that will involve Senate and non-Senate students to bring Reed related news to students. 

Senator Vivien Zhang announced that a Judicial Board member has resigned, and their position will be filled soon.

Senator Charlotte Thompon has been dispersing Student Opportunity Subsidy (SOS) funds and will be meeting with the HCC about the possibility for SOS to help cover students’ medical expenses. Thompson also reported that Safer Sex Society is up and running.

Chen finished the meeting by reminding everyone that Wage Review is happening soon and that Wage Review appointments are scheduled for November.

Before leaving, everyone wished Senator Priya Narain a happy birthday. Happy belated birthday Priya!

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