Dog of the Week: Naughty Rottie!

Name: Jester 

Age: 2 years old

Breed: Rottweiler 

Rating: 14/10

Jester, affectionately referred to as the Naughty Rottie, is one fun and lovable pooch! After fostering her in March, Area Coordinator Miranda James knew that Reed was Jester’s forever home. Jester is an absolute sweetheart who loves attention and a good belly rub. As an oversized puppy still working on manners, however, she doesn’t always know how to properly interact with students, which may result in some jumping and nuzzling. Jester has been Miranda’s quarantine companion during COVID, and she’s even been learning some new tricks! Jester can sit, lay down, give a kiss, and even boop Miranda with her nose completely on command. 

That’s not the only new thing Jester’s been trying out. Her latest adventure? Being a big sister! Miranda is currently fostering three adorable border collie/pitbull puppies. So far Jester doesn’t love sharing her tennis balls and bones, but with her sweet personality and protective nature, I see Jester being the best companion ever. 


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