Dog of the Week: Has the Biggest Smile

Name: Jack

Age: About 2 years

Breed: Pit and Bully Mix

Rating: 14/10

Jack Norris Jackson is named after Jack Bauer, Chuck Norris, and Samuel Jackson. Although we’ve had a few literary dogs in the past, this is the first one named after a character from a TV show! She has a sister named Sakura who is very shy. Sakura knows some good tricks including one where she goes onto her back paws, which is quite cool! Jack doesn’t know a lot of tricks, but she does have a really beautiful smile! She was found as a puppy when she and another dog, who we assume was her mother, snuck into someone’s house through the doggy door! They just woke up one morning to two smiling dogs in their home, which is honestly the dream. Soon after, Jack was adopted by his current owner! She has gone camping a few times, and she really enjoys it. Jack is very huggable, 14/10, would hug her all day if I could.

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