Great Reedie Bake-Off: Round 2

The second round of the annual Great Reedie Bake-Off united bakers around a well-loved Reed tradition: Renn Fayre. Or, more specifically, “Renn Fayres Past.” Ten teams congregated at the Student Union on Monday, March 2 to present their treats, but only three advanced to the third and final round: Aries 24 Kitchen, 3:44 a.m. UberEats, and Shortbread Shorter Kings. 3:44 a.m. UberEats won the Golden Spoon a second time, solidifying their winning streak as a crowd favorite with their rose vanilla cake with passionfruit curd, lemon meringue, and mint, alongside their dark chocolate cake with rose chocolate ganache, pistachios, dried strawberries, and gold leaf to top everything off. Shortbread Shorter Kings won the judges’ vote with their delectable chocolate yule log with pistachios. Reed College President Audrey Bilger and her wife, Cheryl Pawelski, guest-judged the competition alongside senior Alyse Cronk, Interim Dean of Students Cindy Anderson, and Bon Appetit Representative Price Simon. The competitors will meet again next Monday, March 9 from 2–4 p.m. in the SU where they will arrive with a treat in one hand and ingredients in another, in preparation for their live bake-off!

Photo by Ella Jade Flores

Photo by Ella Jade Flores

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