Dog of the Week: The Oldest Puppy Featured

Name: Sarge

Breed: Blue Heeler / Australian Shepherd Mix

Age: 15

Rating: 14/10

DOW 3_6.jpg

Sarge gets the award for the oldest dog featured here — though, if you met him, you wouldn’t think so! Sarge is a very excitable pup and loves going for runs. He also loves rolling around in worms. He can smell where they bury underground, so he rolls around in grass where the worms are. He tries to protect his owner from scary things like the toaster. Sarge is a Humane Society rescue, and his past owner was an old man who had to give him up. We think this man might have also had grandchildren, since some of Sarge’s favorite snacks include cheerios and goldfish crackers! Sarge’s owner did not expect to get a dog when she went into the shelter that day, but the moment Sarge saw her, he jumped up and started pawing at the lock on the door, trying to get out. That’s the moment she knew she had to take Sarge home, and they’ve been living together for several years since! Whoever said that old dogs can’t learn new trips is totally wrong because Sarge knows two new tricks! They are the high-five and the double high-five. I’m super proud of his cool new tricks! 14/10 the number of boomers I’ll listen to is now up to 3.

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