Annual Indoor Soccer Tournament Begins (And Ends) Saturday

Eight teams will face off to prove their mettle on the court

Get ready for Reed College’s Indoor Soccer Tournament on March 7th! It’s going to be a nail-biting time, as teams that have been preparing for weeks face off to test their trick shots, tight passes, and killer goals. The teams have been chosen, and the practices have been especially tense as players are ramping up intensity in preparation for the final showdown. 

Salma Huque ‘20, captain of the Green Team, is “super excited for the soccer tournament! I’ve only played in the tournament once before, and since I’m a senior, it’s kind of a last hurrah and last chance to win—and gloat.” As Huque explained, “soccer has been a really important part of my college experience… it’s one of the big ways that I meet new people. A huge variety of people in different years and majors are interested in soccer, and playing a team sport is a great way to instantly bond with someone.” Ultimately, Huque is “very confident things will magically come together the day of the tournament,” but “if all else fails, it’s always fun eating pizza and trash-talking the other teams.”

Indoor Soccer is played on a basketball court, with a goal on either side of the court. The entire court is fair game to play on, meaning players are free to pass off the wall or play behind the goal. Each team has four players on the court at once, and players are not allowed to remain inside the goal box. The ball is dead if it hits the ceiling or the basketball hoop, and goals must be scored inside the 3-point line. 

Stop by Gym I this Saturday to watch some high-intensity competition! The tournament schedule is printed below.

Schedule of Games

Time      Teams

1:00       Salma (Green) vs. Katie (Blue)

1:18       Alex (Black) vs. Leila (Red)

1:36       Mary (Tie Dye) vs. Lauren (Yellow)

1:54       Kelly (Pink) vs. Tatiana (White)

2:12       Mary (Tie Dye) vs. Salma (Green)

2:30       Alex (Black) vs. Kelly (Pink) 

2:48       Katie (Blue) vs. Lauren (Yellow)

3:06       Leila (Red) vs. Tatiana (White)

3:24       Mary (Tie Dye) vs. Katie (Blue)

3:43       Alex (Black) vs. Tatiana (White)

4:01       Kelly (Pink) vs. Leila (Red)

4:19       Salma (Green) vs. Lauren (Yellow)

 The semifinals will be at 5 p.m. and 5:20 p.m. Then, with a short 10 minute 3rd place game to provide a breather, the final will be at 6 p.m.

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