Great Reedie Bake-Off: Week One

Sweet and savory breakfast treats kick-start this year’s competition

The now-annual Great Reedie Bake-Off officially kicked-off this Monday, hosted by Student Body Senator Aziz Ouedraogo and Director of Communications Kevin Myers. This week’s theme was “late night breakfast,” and the 19 teams more than rose to the challenge. The results were delicious, with bakes ranging from savory (eggs in a hash brown nest) to sweet (coffee-cardamom morning buns), unorthodox (Emergen-c flavored donut holes) to traditional (Danish aebleskivers), simple (cereal treats with shots of milk on the side) to intricate (cinnamon toast egg tarts). 

The judges — students Alyse Cronk and Apoorva Mangipudi, Interim Dean of Students Cindy Anderson, Office Manager Doris Hall, and Bon Appetit Representative Price Simon — certainly had a difficult time eliminating half of the teams, but they eventually granted ten teams a pass to the next round. Congratulations to those continuing: 3:44am UberEats, RASH, Discount Racks, Shortbread Shorter Kings, Cracked Eggs, Cook™.2.WOAH™, Fantastic Four, Aries 24 Kitchen, Kneady Reedies, and Tedibles! 

A special congratulations to the crowd-favorite 3:44am UberEats, whose artfully plated mimosa tea cakes, which consisted of a vanilla orange cake with Prosecco buttercream, orange marmalade, whipped cream, and homemade candied oranges, were awarded the golden spoon for highest number of student votes. The all-freshman team, consisting of Jasmin Castellanos, Kiana Cunningham-Rodriguez, Ella Jade Flores, and Eulalie de Souza made their bake-off debut this year, and they also featured chamomile scones with a chamomile honey glaze alongside their tea cakes. Next week’s theme, “Renn Fayre Rewind,” will see teams whip up desserts in homage to Renn Fayres past. Until next week!

Photo by Ella Jade Flores

Photo by Ella Jade Flores

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