Dog of The Week: Practically Perfect

Name: Constance

Age: 9 months

Breed: Australian Labradoodle

Rating: 14/10

DOW W4.jpg

Constance aka Connie aka Connie Mouse is an absolute sweetheart. She’s named after Constance Contraire from the Benedict Society books by Trenton Lee Stewart, making her our third literary dog! When I went to meet her, she had just come back from Puppy Playtime (Fridays 12 p.m. in the SU) and was really exhausted, so she climbed under the table to get some naps. Connie was adopted when she was 8 weeks old back in July. She came from the same breeder as Frankie (featured here in the 12/6 Quest), which makes them siblings! She also has two sisters at home, a human one and a dog one. The dog is a Golden Retriever named Ida Louise after a character in Maurice Sendak’s Outside Over There. Connie loves playing with Ida, but Ida doesn’t always love playing with her. Ida tends to just put up with Connie’s antics. When Connie was first adopted, both of them went camping on the coast. Ida loves the water, but Connie prefers to stay on the beach. She lives on the second floor of Eliot in the same office as Daisy (Last week’s dog). She gets really excited about hanging out with Daisy, but Daisy thinks Connie is too jumpy. Connie also loves to chew on things. She chewed one of her owner’s christmas ornaments! I got loads of licks when I interviewed her 14/10 the softest pup.

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