Dog of the Week: Just an Old Baby

DOW W3.jpg

Name: Daisy

Age: 12-ish

Breed: Golden lab

Rating: 14/10

Daisy lives in a hidden part of Eliot on the second floor. I found her when she was leaving a meeting and followed her into her office for an interview and some pets. She was very excited because she loves pets. She does not love small excited animals like the puppy she shares an office with. If she was a student at Reed, she would probably be an English major and I wish I could read her thesis. I personally think she would also work for the Quest, probably becoming an editor her Sophomore year. She got surgery a few years ago on her paw but she’s managed to make a full recovery and she continues to be super strong and healthy. She was adopted about five years ago when she was seven. She’s twelve now, which makes her the second boomer featured in this piece (the first being Hurley the Pug). She’s a rescue and not much is known about her past. She came to the shelter very overweight but has slowly been losing weight which is very inspirational. 14/10 she wants you to love her body.

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