Dog of the Week: It’s Totally a Dog

Name: Crow

Age: Baby

Breed: Birb

Rating: 14/10

DOW 1.jpg

Crow is the absolute sweetest dog on campus and is super smart. Sometimes he caws, but that’s just because he’s bilingual. I’m really proud of him for learning more languages. He doesn’t like being pet, but he loves getting his picture taken. He posed for me from a safe distance. Please make sure to always ask any dog’s owner before petting a dog, because it’s important to respect everyone’s boundaries. You can see Crow around campus where he loves to wander with his friends. His best friend is also named Crow and is also a very good dog. Crow really loves to eat worms and grass, but I’ve heard he has always wanted to try an egg. 14/10, honestly I would love to try an egg too.

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