Dog of the Week: Looking for her Mr. Darcy

Name: Lizzy

Age: 8

Breed: Golden Retriever mix

Rating: 14/10

In a totally unexpected twist, we have our second literary dog for dog of the week! Lizzy is named after Elizabeth Bennet from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. She hangs out with Barbara on the fourth floor of Eliot so you’ll definitely have to go out of your way to see this pup! Lizzy loves pets and will show off her toy donkey to whoever comes up to pet her.  Lizzy is a rescue in the best way; her mom was rescued by a family who didn’t realize that they were also rescuing her seven unborn pups as well. Lizzy grew up in a warm and loving home but they just didn’t have room for eight dogs so she was adopted and continues to live her life loving everyone. Lizzy is a very calm pup unless there is food involved. She almost attacked the postman because she was so excited (and because the postman sometimes gives her treats). She is an absolute sweetheart and I love her to bits. 14/10 yes that is a very nice donkey.

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