Dog of the Week: O Captain! My Captain!

Name: Ahab

Breed: Beagle/Cocker Spaniel mix

Age: 9

Rating: 14/10


Introducing the first captain to be featured here! Ahab is a very curious dog, and he loves to wander. (Maybe he’s searching for that white whale?) He could care less about people, but he LOVES pets. If you can catch him long enough to give him pets, he will sit still for ages, but the moment you stop, he’s off again! He’s also very soft because of that Cocker Spaniel fur, so I would recommend petting him if you can find him! His human, Cait, is in the PAB, but he doesn’t visit very often, so he is a rare sighting! When he used to live in New York, he sometimes had to be put in a tote if he wanted to go on the subways. He didn’t like the tote, but I’m sure he looked cute! He said that he wants to be a triceratops for Halloween, which is the cutest thing I’ve heard. 14/10 for the fiercest of pups, you’ll make a great dinosaur. 

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