What’s Up with the Plumbing in Trillium?

Students discuss issues with Trillium’s water system’

Ever since students moved into the new multimillion-dollar dorm Trillium, there have been issues with the dorm’s water system. Renovations have occurred, but students’ opinions remain mixed. 

“It sucks. It’s awful,” Trillium resident Beckett Larcher stated, “Do we live in a barn?!”  

Maximillian Wink, a frequent visitor to the dorm had a similar opinion: “Fourth floor got screwed.” 

When asked about the temperature of water in Trillium, resident Hannah Kuder stated that “I think every ten minutes the water gets freezing cold, then super hot again.” In an email conversation with the Quest, Director of Facilities Operations Townsend Angell explained that there were initial issues with hot water recirculation, but that these issues were later fixed. He elaborated, “[t]he general contractor needed to shut the water down temporarily in the process of making some adjustments. I believe that the condition is resolved now.”

Issues with water pressure have been even more pervasive. “The water pressure is so mixed. You have great water pressure for the sink, but you go to the bathroom and the water pressure is nonexistent,” said one third floor local. “You go into the showers and it feels like I stepped outside. Like, I get more water outside in the rain. Like, I should take a shower outside.” Another resident commented that “my water bottle is never full because the sink is so slow.” 

Townsend Angel also spoke about the issues with water pressure: “We did notice that the flow at the bathroom sinks is regulated by the aerators LEED standards require.” LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a rating system that handles standards for efficiency and environmental impact in buildings. These standards include the design of water systems. Hence, the lesser flow of the bathroom sinks.

Despite this, some residents have positive opinions of the water system. “I had a really good shower yesterday with actual water pressure and I enjoyed it,” said Anastasia Mroz. One student of the second floor said that “honestly, people need to stop complaining about the damn water.”

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