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Don’t You… Forget About Me

Photo by Liz Organ

Photo by Liz Organ

Name: Ferdinand

Age: 12 weeks

Breed: Labrador/Great Pyranese mix

Rating: 14/10

Hi! My name is Ferdinand, and I really love sticks! I get distracted very easily, and I love the squirrels on campus! I live with Katie who’s doing some postdoctoral research in the chemistry building. I like to join her but only so long as I stay away from the chemicals. If you let me, I will bite your hair. Not ‘cause it’s tasty but because it’s dangling! Spot me in the chemistry building on the fourth floor or on the grass outside!

“That’s one heckin good boi!” – My younger brother

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Starting as a Freshman, Liz wrote a dog of the week post for a semester and a half until COVID hit. After an online year and a gap year, they have returned to let you know about the campus’s best pups! Please send any pups to

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