Senate Beat: Senate Beat Wants You to Run for a Senate Seat

Appointments this week

Daksh Shami as Assistant Treasurer

Senate has been keeping with their tradition of meeting weekly in the student union to discuss school affairs in yet another edition of senate beat. In a brief recap of the week, senators discussed several exciting developments on campus. According to Student Body President Pax Lloyd-Burchett, the president of the college is expected to be announced at either of the upcoming trustee meetings, which are set to take place April 26 and 27. The expectation is for the presidential search committee to make their final recommendations for presidential candidates, at which point the Board of Trustees will decide on whom to appoint. The Student Success Committee will also be meeting with Hugh Porter and the trustees to give updates on the Reed community from student perspectives as the academic year comes to an end. The results of the faculty vote on the new dissent policy will also be available to the senate and student body at large by next week.

Reports from senate committees provided a majority of the agenda for the meeting, as senators shared updates from their particular committees. Senator Jonathan Lederman met with orientation coordinators to discuss the disability accommodations being implemented into O-week and other orientation activities; Senator Billy Fish announced the new chair of the Sustainability Committee, Assistant Professor of Biology Aaron Ramirez; Senator Alisa Chen reported the approval of both community service and Gender Minority Fitfam as eligible to count as P.E. credits; Legislation and Fincomm both had nothing new to report. The meeting concluded with an addendum from community member Sage Schwartz, who informed senate that the ETC will be increasing the printing budget for next year by five dollars. With the increase, first, second, and third years will have 25 dollars for printing, and seniors will have 45 dollars.

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