Senate Beat Delivers That Senate Heat

Appointments this week

Henry Oberholtzer as KRRC Assistant Manager

Sam Gibbons as KRRC Studio Engineer

Fiona Battistoni as KRRC Record Librarian

A shorter than usual senate meeting took place this week in the Student Union, covering a variety of campus updates. In this week’s senate forum, senators reviewed recent developments in the formation of an Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Committee to review the administration’s handling of the AOD Policy. Similarly, the Legislation Committee reviewed drafts of J-Board changes and integration of the new Restorative Justice Policy, confirming its final iteration. Senator Billy Fish brought to light changes at the HCC with the departure of multiple staff members in the midst of an increase of campus mental health problems at Reed and colleges nationwide; however, an admin of the HCC maintains that the HCC is functioning well despite being precariously staffed and is interested to see a lot of changes. The recent turnovers in staffing at the HCC “shouldn’t be taken in isolation with other things at Reed,” Fish stated. Meanwhile, there are no new developments at Physical Plant to report.

In sustainability news, a speaker is set to come to Reed in the near future who will present findings on research about sustainability developments at similar sized colleges around the country. In relation to this, sustainability coordinators relayed info about the appearance of signs in Paradox to encourage the use of reusable cups, which wrapped up the forum’s proceedings.

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