Opinion: Offering Space

As many students and others may know, anonymous graffiti to/about me has appeared in various parts of campus for weeks now, most or all of it critical and provocative. After reflecting and engaging people whom I trust, and who challenge me with equal parts candor and love, I penned the following message to the person(s) leaving these writings:

From Gary

To the person(s) writing to me on these walls

I am sad.

I am sorry for any harm you have suffered.

If you are able to speak with me,

I will try to listen, without interruption or defense.

I will reflect.

I will seek to understand.

I hope to discover, and for restoration.

You know where to find me, or I will join you

at a time and place most comfortable to you.


*Low-impact graffiti. If removed, please recycle.

With the help of my oldest daughter, home from college for a Sunday afternoon with me, I blue-taped 40 copies of this message in places where the graffiti has appeared. I hope that the space I am offering will be filled with understanding and restoration.

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