Renn Fayre 2K19 Theme Decidedly Not Naruto

The change of Glitterati to Savage Ball had a lot of potential, mainly because I was excited to hear 21 Savage’s whisper ASMR played over a speaker in a dance setting. Even though this didn’t make the playlist (at least while I was there), the dance was still fun. To me, the dance peaked during the technical difficulties when everyone sang “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

After the FAKE announcement of Naruto as the theme for Renn Fayre 2K19 (rip), the projector somehow got disconnected. While this meant that we waited 40 minutes for the real theme announcement (everyone’s bodies pressed so close together that I was constantly touching at least four other people at all times), the overall opinion seemed to be that it was worth it. The video that introduced the Lucid Dream theme was super cool, and the song alone made me excited for this year’s Renn Fayre. If you have not seen the video yet, I recommend watching it. You can find it by typing “Renn Fayre 2019 Theme Reveal” into YouTube. The video has a lot of anime references, and I mean, that should be perfect for this school.

Everyone seems pretty excited about the theme, and there are already a lot of posts on the Renn Fayre Facebook page. I know some people are bummed, however, that it is not actually Naruto themed. The crowd even sighed when the projector read “lol jk” after the Naruto announcement, but, personally, I am relieved because I feel like I encounter a lot of Naruto references at this school already and I have never even seen the show (don’t come at me, I’ll watch it eventually. I also have not seen Avatar. Sorry). I definitely still hope to see some Naruto headbands during Renn Fayre, though.

My only complaint about the theme is that it meant I had Juice WRLD’s Lucid Dreams stuck in my head for two days, and I did not need that. Overall, though, Lucid Dream seems like a great theme for Renn Fayre, and I am excited to see what costumes/rooms/projects people come up with! I would also like to give a special shout out to whoever played Last Christmas by Wham! Saturday night in the pool hall, you rock.

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