The Art of Bad Avocados

Photo courtesy of Katherine Draves

Photo courtesy of Katherine Draves

Bad Avocados, written by Yaseen Hashmi and directed by Jack Jackson, was performed November 16th and 17th in the Annex as part of Reed Arts Week. Performers Aiden Téran, Will Carter, Alice Irvin, Naama Friedman, and Yaseen Hashmi portrayed a group of high school friends reconnecting a few years after the death of one of their group. As the play unfolded, the complex relationships between the characters was slowly teased out. Jackson’s clever staging helped the story along at a brisk pace. Strong acting brought the script to life, and the various sets by Jess Manoogian gave the play a sense of dynamism. Bad Avocados was a joyful evening full of thoughtful discussion of loss, friendship, separation, and identity.

The performance was produced by student producers Zoe Neff and Saga Darnell under the Reed Independent Performance Project. Assistant Director Mona Pan and Stage Manager Scout Annes supported the production.

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