A Conversation with the Renn Fayre Czars

“Three day party” —  “ask for consent” — “something for everyone.”

During a Quest writers’ meeting, three of the Renn Fayre Czars – Grey, Jules, and Elena – happened to be outside of the Quest office. The Quest took this prime opportunity to interview them, and find out more about what’s up with Renn Fayre 2K19.

To begin, I asked some Big, Loaded Questions: “What is Renn Fayre? What have your experiences been with Renn Fayre and what motivated you guys to be the czars?”

Grey responded, “I had a lot of fun at last year’s Renn Fayre, and I just love planning things and putting a lot of work into something and doing a lot of behind the scenes work and seeing everything come to fruition. Also being able to do it with your friends and people that you really respect is even better.”

Jules added, “Well, Grey asked me and I was like ‘damn that sounds like a lot of fun’ and the more invested we get into it, it’s like we also have a chance to do something really fun and cool at the end of the year. And after Daft Ball I’m just super pumped.” To which the Quest said “Daft Ball was so much fun,” and Jules responded, “Exactly! And I’m realizing how much fun I’m having while doing this and it’s super rewarding.”

Last but not least Elena said, “I think that Renn Fayre is the only time everyone, the whole campus, comes together, so there’s a lot of potential to do things that can be really gratifying for the community and it’s kind of cheesy but it’s great to see faculty and staff and everyone feel that they’ve accomplished something because Reed is really hard and part of that was the appeal to be a czar. Also Grey hit me up.” They all agreed that if it hadn’t been a good group that they wouldn’t have wanted to be the Renn Fayre Czars, so thank you Grey!

As for hopes for this year’s Renn Fayre, Grey said “We really want [everyone] to get involved and for this to be the most interactive Renn Fayre ever. Something that I’ve heard is that the number of projects has not been as much as it once was and I really hope we can bring that back.” Elena added, “This year is an all POC Renn Fayre Czar team and just because of that it’ll be better. And this year we just want it to be continuous and interactive and some sort of social justice bend like fundraisers and stuff so we’re not just funnelling all this money into a big party.’”

We’re all very excited for Spring/Fall and Renn Fayre!

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