Halloween Horoscopes


Welcome to Scorpio season! Draw on your intense creative abilities this Halloween by channeling your intriguing side. Your creative prowess may not be so obvious to you, but it truly radiates during spooky times. Be aware that the people around you depend upon your magnetic energy to transform dull surroundings into beautiful ones. You possess the magic that comes with the change in seasons.


If you’ve been feeling the pace of life picking up, not to worry! The full moon is lighting up your sign’s sector of everyday responsibilities. And as the last quarter-moon falls in Leo, it can be easy to become socially drained. It is essential that you partake in self-care. Take time for genuine interactions, and spend time with the friends you love most. Use your natural charisma to thrive in the Halloween festivities. This year, you and your crew have some exciting opportunities coming your way!


It may be Halloween season. But for you, it’s also a celebration of love and the heart! This week’s moon lights up your house of love and creativity. Thinking of doing a cute couples costume? Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to be more social than normal! The sun has migrated into your friendships and goals sector. With many exciting projects on the horizon, use your natural charisma to attract love and success and to make your dreams a reality.  


Even as the season changes, the only direction you’re headed is up! It’s been grind season, but as Mars amplifies your star’s rising sign, take a break and immerse yourself in Halloween festivities — you deserve it! Mercury entering Sagittarius is sure to make your social life more active than ever, warranting some incredibly memorable adventures. Although you may be busy celebrating Halloween, take time to set new goals to make sure you end 2018 on a high note!


Pay attention to communication this week — you may be hit by a flood of new ideas. Mercury is now in Sagittarius, which helps daydreamers like you brainstorm ways to achieve your goals. Even if you have the tendency to daydream, reality is here, urging you to live your life! Put your wave of ideas to good use, and truly throw yourself into the spirit of Halloween. This week, the sun moves to your sector of higher inspiration, opening a window of time perfect for expanding your horizons and search for happiness.


If you’ve never adopted the “go big or go home” mentality, this Halloween is the perfect time to try something new! The stars insist that you are living in a now-or-never moment. And as the moon reaches the brightest intensity of the month, you’ll feel a new wave of refreshing energy. Channel this energy into having a good night with your friends, and be aware of the possibility of some intense communication. As Mercury moves into Sagittarius, go with your gut and speak your mind — you never know what will come of it!


With Venus and Uranus in opposition, your planets of charm and change come together. Channel this planetary movement into dressing up as a character who inspires you! If you don’t know what to dress up as, the last moon will lead you to some form of recognition. Recognize that this is the time where you discover more about yourself and that sometimes you need to be your own cheerleader. You may feel like you’re picking up more work, but keep going strong because your efforts will pay off once the retrograde ends.


Ready or not, all of your skeletons may be creeping out of your mental closet, just in time for spooky season! The sooner you face your feelings and get a handle what’s holding you back from feeling passion about your-day-to-day, the sooner you can start living life full-out. It’s all about finding the time to do what you love. The full moon this Wednesday is perfect for tapping into your imagination and higher sources of creativity!


This is the week to fall in love with your life all over again! Starting on Tuesday, the Sun moves into your love and pleasure zone, where you will have a planetary party happening for the next several weeks. Get ready to rise and shine when it comes to all matters of the heart, but use your mind and your heart together for best results. If something feels off, it probably is. Trust your gut, especially as the full moon approaches. You never know what could be trying to haunt you.


If you’re starting to feel more bright and optimistic, you have Mercury in Sagittarius to thank! The full moon on Wednesday is excellent for your academic and career matters. Whatever projects or goals you started are now about to finally pay off. It’s just a matter of time before you reach the mega-success you so deserve. Take the time to celebrate your hard work by taking an adventure out to the pumpkin patch or a haunted house. You never know what surprises you’ll find!


The full moon will soon be bringing all the inspiration and beauty you could want at this time of year. Think back to all the new sources of truth and the teachings that you’ve been experiencing recently. You’re now ready to take it to the next level. The sun moves into your house of communication for the next month, so get ready for the deep conversations that will really make you think. For now, try and get out of your daily routine and get out and about — it will protect you from the recent retrograde while also giving you an opportunity to explore the lighter side of life.  


It’s all about tapping into your confidence this time of year. If you’re feeling a little invisible, don’t overthink too much or you’ll miss out on the Halloween fun! Use your wild imagination to dream up a costume that makes you feel powerful in the best way. Sometimes it feels like a challenge to love yourself, but it’s a challenge that you should take on. Tap back into your element and have the time of your life.


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