Cat of the Week: Leucine

To kickstart “Cat of the Week,” we have a special new addition to the Reed campus. Meet Leucine, a black domestic short-hair boy of almost a year old, lovingly called Leuci or Leu by his owners. Leuci’s original owners could not keep him in their home, so he was adopted by Nicole Kretekos and myself this past Saturday, October 6. Named after an essential and nonpolar amino acid, Leuci is true to the name. He is shy at first, but quickly warms up to everyone, opting to flop in any position onto a warm lap and loudly meow to convey his demands for attention or intent to explore. This talkative little ball of love currently resides in the Reed College Apartments, and he can be seen around campus, strutting around in a hot pink leash. If you see him, feel free to say hi!

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