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It’s your time to shine as the beginning of Libra season kicks off with a fiery full moon in Aries. The time to be brave is now, so take a chance and step out of your comfort zone. Mars, your relationship planet, has moved back into position, so get ready for a fun fall romance. Celebrate your season and find opportunities to check things off your bucket list.


Take some time this week to focus on you and your well-being. Create a schedule that is balanced in school and fun, so by the time the weekend hits you, won’t be burned out. You deserve success, so don’t let the changing seasons change your routine. With some hard work, communication, and awareness, this week is sure to be a good one.


If you’ve been feeling drained or emotionally overwhelmed recently, the double full moons are to blame. Not to worry however, as taking some time to clear your head and communicate to those around you is a quick fix to lightening your load and feeling energized. As Mars returns back into planetary position, be honest to yourself with matters involving the heart and try to not make any rash decisions.


As the season changes, make sure to spend quality time with the people you value most, as you may have been busy with growth and change. Sharing your adventures will be an experience, and with the coming two lunar moons, now is a powerful time to re-establish connections. Conflict could arise over differences, but instead of hiding in a pack of sheep, shine like the wolf, unafraid to express itself.


With the glow of the lunar moon, a new energy is brought to you. Take advantage of this flow and expand your social circles. With Mars traveling, try to follow in its path and try something new. Although all the energy in the air may have you feeling the rush, but be sure to align your priorities.


Happiness and prosperity is sure to find you as Aries fills your second house. Some conflict you may be experiencing will dissipate soon and the new opportunities are coming your way. As Pluto moves out of retrograde, stability and comfort will become part of your routine. The season is shifting and it’s time for you to settle down, Pisces.


Blessings and prosperity are about to be showered on you, as this is your annual moment! The stars shine for you as your full moon makes an appearance. Be sure to make some ambitious goals, as it is highly unlikely you will be met with failure. People may be weighing you down with stress or negativity, so try and lend a listening ear but also be sure to balance with some self-love.


Take the change in zodiac season to practice healing. Heal your relationships with those around you, but also focus on stepping away from toxicity. New opportunities have presented themselves to you, but it may not be immediately obvious. Step out of your routine and go for a chance you may not normally take. The change in parameters may bring happiness to you.


As an air sign, you tend to be a vibrant person, and with all the energy in the air Aries brings, be sure to fully immerse yourself in the exciting experiences your friendships will offer. The sun in the fifth house brings a want for love and passion, so be on the lookout for any sparks that may fly! As Pluto moves out of retrograde, open your mind for some out-of-this-world adventures.


There is powerful energy surrounding your sign, so get ready to get your creative juices flowing. As Aries shift into your house of ambition, success is sure to come if you put your mind to your work. All work doesn’t mean no time for play, however! Heavy emotional issues will soon be clearing, leaving you with the freedom to enjoy your powerful cosmic energy.


Get out of your normal space and into the open! Your house of adventure and spirit is alight and it is time to discover the world. A change of scenery and people is good for you, and plenty of projects are waiting to be started. Use the energy Aries brings into Libra season to kickstart a productive journey.


Take some risk as Aries fills your house of intimacy. If someone’s caught your eye, build up the courage to talk to them and gain clarity on your happiness. If new experiences have been overwhelming, be sure to take a step back and then move forward. Strong connections or sparks are looming in your near future.

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