Senate Beat: How Many Writers Does it Take to Write Senate Beat?

Sitting in a circle eating baked goods with Mike Brody nodding along to his favorite KRRC rap show, this week’s Senate meeting started off in usual riveting fashion. Alas, the fun had to end and Josh Franzel had to tell KRRC to quiet it down so important business could proceed. Senator Gabi Stonoha updated attendees on the Wells Fargo ad-hoc committee, which was set up by the Board of Trustees and to which Senate can appeal investment decisions. President Nikhita Airi summarized the week’s forums with faculty, staff, and alumni groups on the presidential search.

Senator Pax Lloyd-Burchett then informed avid meeting attendings of this week’s ad-hoc committee meeting to discuss the impact of Keeling and Associates’ visits to campus for a real close look on student success. Keeling and Associates (K&A) will judge success based upon surveys distributed by Mike Brody and the related areas of priority as determined by the committee. The groundwork is being laid for K&A to visit again in October as part of this ongoing quest to create useful policies that Student Services can implement.

Both the Student Committee for Academic Policy and Planning (SCAPP) and the Restorative Justice Coalition are planning their agendas for this semester. According to Assistant Treasurer Frank Gaunt, SCAPP is focused on incorporating K&A’s feedback into academic policy. Senator Maeve Kolk announced that the Restorative Justice Coalition will meet Monday at 4 p.m. in the Info Shoppe to discuss how new Restorative Justice procedures might work at Reed.

Quest liaison Lloyd-Burchett also informed senate that he would be meeting with the Quest this week to discuss revising Quest bylaws in order to reform hiring and election processes.

Finally, in the wake of Funding Poll, which allocated over $80,000 to student organizations according to Vice Treasurer Mitzi Zitler, funding for a trampoline on the front lawn will be suspended until details are worked out with grounds crew. Brody, though, thinks it will be “awesome.”

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